Unveiling the Wonders of Genuine Love for God Pt.3B

Our Covenant Day of Exemption Service (The Second in the Series). It also doubles as our Special Monthly Anointing Service. You shall be exempted from all evil in Jesus name. Amen.

Ministering: ISAAC O. FOLAJI

Teaching Topic: Unveiling the Wonders of Genuine Love for God Pt.3B



  • You can’t be a genuine lover of God and not keep His commandments.
  • If you are not a soul winner you are disobeying the commandments.
  • Nothing works outside of love in the kingdom – Matt. 22:40, 1Jhn. 5:3, John. 14:21.
  • God and love are more important than anything – col. 3:14
  • Love makes a human being to be one in divinity-
  • You can’t be filled with God and be oppressed by the devil – Matt 13:24.
  • You can’t be filled with God’s wisdom and not be a wonder.
  • Everything works by love.

main auditorium


  1. Genuine love for God enhances steadfastness in stewardship – Rom. 8:35.
  • If u love God for things you will get tired.
  1. Genuine love for God engenders access to divine strength- 1 Cor. 15:58, Dan. 11:32.
  • The love of God qualifies us for the strength of God.
  1. Genuine love for God makes great things happen on their own accord. Rom. 8:28.
  • How much of our prayers are answered, depends on our love for God.




  1. Have a personal revelation for God – 1 John. 5:19, Dan. 11:32, Rom. 8:21.
  • Presence of God with you makes you peculiar.
  1. We must stay in love to secure the ever-abiding presence of God- 2 Chron 15:3, Acts. 27:22, Mal. 3:17.

What to Expect in the Anointing

  • By the anointing, expect a seal of exemption – Eph 1:13, 1 Sam. 16:13.
  • By the anointing, expect healing, breakthrough, and favor - Isa 59:19, Ezekiel 9:6-8, Isa. 19 :14.


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