Uncovering the Root of the Faith that works – Part 1A

You can’t operate this Faith and be a wanderer or lack proofs – Heb. 11:1-3


  • You can’t operate this Faith and be a wanderer or lack proofs – Heb. 11:1-3.
  • Everyone that operated Faith has always been a wonder, it is the same tomorrow.
  • Faith is a mountain mover.
  • Faith is no respect of the volume, size, or weight of any mountain – Matt. !17:20.
  • There is no impossibility in the realm of Faith.
  • Faith puts man in the class of God.
  • In Faith., what isn’t difficult for God, cant be difficult for you.
  • It puts you in the realms of heaven on earth.
  • It is possible to live a trouble-free life – Rom.10:6.
  • There is no limitation in heaven, so it is with Faith.
  • Faith clears up all obstacles as nothing can stand in the way of Faith.
  • It is your proofs that validate your faith - John 10:37.
  • When your faith comes alive on any subject matter, victory comes along - Luke 8:40-48

What is Faith

Faith means obeying GOD to prove that you believe Him. So as to have our desired results – James 1:18.

- Obedience – this is the bedrock of Faith -John 2:5, John 9:8, Luke 22:35.

- The supply of every need of our life.

It is not waiting for GOD to work, but putting His Word to work Prov.3: 27-28.


Characteristics of Faith That Work

i. Redemption-based – Our Faith must be based on the finished work of Christ – 1 John 5:4, 2 Cor 5:17.

ii. Revelation-stirred Faith – This is premised on the revelation you get from His Word Rom. 4:16-20, 10:17.

iii. Love-boosted Faith – This type of Faith delivers wonders - 1Cor. 103:1-3.

 - Let your love for God be the driving force of your - Gal. 5:6

iv. Fear-free Faith – Faith is the opposite of fear – Prov. 29:25


What is Settlement

This means the end of contention, the end of battles and challenges – Jude 9

The date of settlement marks the expiry date of all challenges – Prov. 223:18. Ps. 30:5.


Requirements for Settlement

  1. Settle with God alone. God doesn’t need any assistance. Everything you need is with HIM – Ps. 16:4
  2. Settle down in serving GOD – 2 Chron. 15:1-15.
  3. Demand for settlement by the prayer of Faith – Mk 2:5-12, Mk 4:28, Luke 8:40-48.


 When Faith comes alive, all barriers to settlement are cleared away.






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