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I am here to give thanks to GOD almighty for saving my life and given me another chance to serve him. I joined this commission 7 years ago in Benin City before I relocated to Abuja, here I started attending winners Durumi.
On the 19th of May was anointing service and it rained that morning, so I was contemplating if I should go to service or not, but the rain stopped before the third service, so I decided to make it to the third service. During the third service the servant of GOD asked us to pray that GOD should do an uncommon miracle for us, I actually prayed for my finance and for GOD to reach out to other members of my family, but I did not know that GOD has a better plan for me (what could be more important than life) so after the service, I went back home and then in the evening went to see a friend but on my way back home the driver of the car that I entered lost control of the vehicle and the car left the express road and went straight to hit a tree that was by the side of the road and then somersaulted, during the incidence the only word that could come to my mouth was the BLOOD OF JESUS, to GOD be the glory I only sustained minor injury on my leg, I was taking to the hospital and they did ex-ray on my chest etc behold no internal bleeding or broken bone, I was asked to go back home same night and the doctors confessed that they have never seen somebody who survived an accident that way before and one of them had to ask me if I was a Christian and I said yes. Indeed GOD is faithful and I will forever serve him till the end. Thanks you LORD JESUS for giving me another chance.

Omozusi I.